Suggestions to Help Tampa, Florida, Residents Remodel Their Bathroom

One of the most popular spaces in the home to remodel is the bathroom. In comparison to larger areas, like the kitchen, a bathroom remodel is a little bit easier. It is less expensive as well. Here are a few tips homeowners should keep in mind when remodeling their bathroom.

It is important to address ventilation in any bathroom. This is something that is usually required because of local codes and in order to prevent mold and keep the temperature and humidity in the bathroom at a comfortable level. No matter which type of bathtubs or shower enclosures in Tampa, FL, a homeowner decides to install, steam will be produced in the bathroom. A bathroom exhaust fan or a properly sized window will likely do the trick.

A great way to decorate a bathroom is to add plants. They should not be an afterthought. They can bring life and color into a sterile bathroom. A floating shelf can be used to give trailing plants just the right place to be displayed.

The lower section of the wall should be protected. Bead board is easy to install, creates a unique look, and will protect the walls. Of course, determining the best way to protect the lower section of the walls will likely be determined by the type of bathtub or shower enclosures in Tampa, FL, that are installed in the bathroom.

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