Style and Class Combine with the Stetson Stratoliner Fedora

Fedoras have gained some popularity in recent decades, though they still have their niche pockets. But what cannot be disputed is the fact that the right fedora, made of the right materials, can become a stand out in anyone’s repertoire.

The Stetson Stratoliner fedora is one of those fedoras, specifically the Stetson Stratoliner fur fedora hat. When you wear a hat like this, you know that heads will turn to see this classic yet versatile style of hat.

A Classic Look

Fedoras in particular have a classic look about them. This Stetson Stratoliner fedora in particular harkens back to the 1940s, where fur felt fedoras were more popular. Those who like to achieve a classic look without looking completely retro will enjoy the look of this fedora.

It has one particular classic look that may seem familiar. The style is named after the plane of the famous millionaire Howard Hughes, who had a silver Boeing 307 Stratoliner. If you want to display class and style like the famous Hughes, this is the hat that belongs in your closet.

High-Quality Construction

Using fur felt, these fedoras are meant to hold up to regular wear and tear. The snap ring is strong and sturdy yet flexible, while the bound edge brim provides additional support that keeps the hat looking rigid and sharp. Simply put it is a style that will never go out of style. With this fedora, you have found a classic hat that will last for life.


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