Steps to Take When Your Air Conditioner is Not Turning on in Chicago

After making it through another hot day, you cannot wait to get home and relax in the cool air. But you may have walked into a miserable surprise as you realize that your air conditioner will no longer turn on. There are numerous reasons why this could occur and you will need to quickly find out the cause. Below are steps you can take when your air conditioner is not turning on.

Check the Circuit Breaker

In many cases, your unit may not be operating properly because something has tripped your circuit breaker. For times that this happens, you can correct the issue by addressing the switch that has been released. By moving it to the “off” position and then back to “on”. The power should return to your air conditioner. If this happens often or you cannot get the unit back working again, you can contact a professional for air conditioning service in Glenview.

Review Your Thermostat

You may keep your thermostat set to a particular temperature and never touch it after that. Yet, someone else in your home could have changed the setting when you were not around. Before assuming that a problem exists, you should peek at that device instead. When you look at it, pay attention to whether it is set to cool your home and not heat it. Also, make sure that the temperature setting is at least five degrees below the current temperature. If that does not help, or the thermostat has stopped working, try the air conditioning service in Glenview.

Constant issues with your AC unit are usually a sign that you need air conditioning service in Glenview. Heatmasters Heating & Cooling at we take great pride in making sure you get the service and repairs you need. Whether you’re looking for air conditioning repair or furnace repair near Glenview, we are your source to ensure you can maintain the temperature you want in your home


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