Steps to Take When Hiring a Fire and Water Restoration Contractor

If a homeowner has suffered fire and water damage in their home, their property insurance will cover most of the costs to repair the damage. What the property owner will need to do is gather the names of all the organizations that provide fire and water restoration services.  When the homeowner has the list established, they will need to start screening each of these contractors in detail by first confirming they are licensed to provide these services. If the contractor is not licensed, the home insurance provider will not cover the costs of the fire and water restoration. After listing, all of the contractors that are fully licensed and certified to provide these services, the homeowner can move forward with the assessment process.

Right Way to Screen Prospective Fire and Water Restoration Contractors

The homeowner should find out how long each of the contractors has been in operation and how many homes they have worked on over their career. The more homes these firms have worked on, the more experience they will have and experience is key when it comes to restoration work. After the homeowner has the names of the most experienced fire and water restoration contractors, the next step is to find out who has the best customer satisfaction track record.

Simplest Way to Establish a Customer Satisfaction Track Record

One of the simplest ways to establish the customer satisfaction track record of a fire and water restoration contractor is to look for feedback on the Internet. The homeowner should have no problems finding positive comments posted on the Internet. If for some reason, the homeowner is not able to find these positive reviews then call the contractor and ask them to provide them in writing. Only when the reputation of these contractors has been established can the homeowner move ahead with the last step in the process, which is requesting quotes in writing. Never select the contractor with the lowest pricing; they usually have to cut corners somewhere.

Homeowners that have to deal with fire and water damage should follow this approach. These tips will make the process of hiring a fire and water restoration contractor much simpler. The homeowner should be proactive and follow these tips or they could end up making a costly mistake that would put them at a serious disadvantage when the cost of the repairs go up due to mold setting in.


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