Steps to Applying for VA Disability, Get Your Benefits

by | May 31, 2018 | Attorneys


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If you are a veteran who was injured while serving in the military, you should be thinking about applying for VA disability. You are entitled to some benefits, and these can help you to take care of yourself and your dependents and to enjoy a good quality of life. There are a few steps in the claims process, and it’s important that you follow the correct procedure to increase your chances of success.

Get Your Paperwork Together

To begin the application process, you need to gather all your documents. These need to be submitted with your application and are important for providing evidence and details as to your identity and conditions. The documents needed include your medical records and any medical evidence you have, a copy of your marriage certificate and divorce decree, and your DD214(s). Make sure you consult the full list of required documents so that nothing is missing.

Compile Your Information

The claims process is very information-heavy, so you need to include a lot of information and detail to get your claim approved. Some additional information you need to have includes your service information, the types of disability you wish to claim for, when your disabilities started, where you were treated, and information about your spouse and children.

Submitting the Application

You can opt to either apply online or in its paper form. Once you are done with that, you must also fill out Form 21-4142 if you included any non-VA healthcare providers where you have received care. After you have finished and everything is submitted, you must wait for the outcome. If you are concerned about getting the claim right and want to increase your chances of success, a lawyer can help you.

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