Steps for Reviewing the Claim with a Workers’ Comp Law Attorney in Duluth, MN

In Minnesota, employers provide financial assistance for workers who sustain injuries. This assistance is based on the workers’ compensation insurance policy the employer purchases. All employers are required to obtain and maintain these policies for these purposes. Employees who don’t receive assistance after an on-the-job injury may acquire compensation through the court. A workers’ comp law attorney in Duluth, MN helps employees in these endeavours.

Reviewing the Procedure for Claims

The initial claim must follow proper protocol according to the workers’ compensation laws. The employer sends the worker to a medical facility to acquire treatment for their injuries. The employer provides forms for the doctor to complete to report the injury to the insurance company in full detail. The doctor must submit the forms within a ten-day period, and they are sent then, along with the records, to a claims adjuster who reviews the doctor’s diagnosis.

Assessing the Claims Adjuster’s Evaluation

The claims adjuster is required to review the worker’s medical files and determine if they are eligible for additional benefits. These benefits provide them with a portion of their wages until they recover fully. The claims adjuster provides a decision about the claim to the worker and their employer. Any claim that is denied must present an exact reason for the decision.

Filing an Appeal

The worker has the right to file an appeal for the denial of benefits. An attorney represents them during the hearing where they present medical evidence to the court to support their appeal. A judge makes the determination for their case after a full review of their medical files. If they are denied, their last option is to file a lawsuit. If they file a lawsuit, the insurer and their employer are the defendants.

In Minnesota, employers must manage all medical treatment for injured workers. These circumstances may prevent the worker from returning to their job immediately. When this happens, they will need additional assistance through workers’ compensation so the insurance company provides payment for their medical treatment and lost wages. Employees who need to hire a workers’ comp law attorney in Duluth, MN should visit Vukelich Law Firm, PLLC for more information today.


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