Steampunk Goggles – Making a Style Statement

If you have started attending steampunk parties, conferences and events and have notice many people rocking steampunk goggles you might be ready to give them a try for your own steampunk look. Steampunk goggles allow you to make a style statement in a number of ways.

Not for Viewing

Most steampunk goggles are not intended for viewing. However some people wear there goggles as sunglasses as well as for driving. Take a read over the information provided when buying goggles online and when buying them at a store try them on for size. If you are just buying them as an accessory the view won’t matter. However if you are planning to wear them while riding your scooter, then you want to be 100 percent certain you can see through them safely.

Heads Up

Truly the most common way to wear steampunk goggles is to push them up over your head. To do this you have to make sure the straps and fit are right. It actually looks pretty good when you get a bit of a puffy, heightened look to your hair. Goggles also work really well as a sort of headband to keep the hair off of your face.

Neck Wear

Another good look for your steampunk goggles is to opt to wear them around your neck. This is a casual look that shows you are taking a break from your latest welding or science project. That sort of just stepped out of the industrial age or out of your motor car after a romp in the English countryside.

Top Hat

Steampunk often includes top hats. Look for goggles that can be adjusted to fit above the brim of your top hat. This gives you a sort of layered look and keeps your goggles out of the way. You might have to add an additional strapping to stretch wide enough to get this look, but most goggles are adjustable and should be able to fit well. Goggles also look awesome when worn over an aviator’s hat complete with flaps.

Purse Accessory

Much like the ladies of 60’s Paris wore their silk scarves over their purses, your steampunk goggles can be worn over your purse. This works well with heavily strapped and weathered leather bags that look like they might have been used to deliver mail in the Victorian era or on motorcycles during World War I.

You can use any of these looks to accent your Steampunk goggles as part of your style statement. Look for varied frames in different metal tones as well as varied plastics and lens colours to change up your look when the mood moves you.



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