Stay in Luxury at Double Suites in Nairobi

Kenya has long been a popular destination for adventurers looking for wildlife preserves and stunning beaches. In a global economy, companies, too, are looking for gems in East Africa—business connections with plenty of growth opportunity. Whether you’re visiting Kenya with the intention of heading out on safari or as a corporate representative, make the most out of your stay with double suites in Nairobi.

The old saw “location, location” holds true for Nairobi. Security and transportation are two issues to keep in mind when you’re looking for a place to stay. Make sure your lodging is in a safe area from which you will have easy access to Nairobi’s cultural, business and shopping centers as well as facilities such as hospitals. Hotels near areas such as Michuki Park offer not only safety and city center access but beautiful views of the Nairobi River and the cityscape.

If you’re in Nairobi for work and operating on a packed timeline, it’s always nice to be able to relax at the end of the day without needing to travel. Many luxury hotels and suites have onsite bars, restaurants and more so that visitors can let the stress go at the end of the day before returning to the comfort of double suites in Nairobi.

Even if you’re on a tight schedule, take some time for sightseeing to make your trip memorable as well as productive. Savor the culture after hours by enjoying a plate of nyama choma, visiting popular museums and sipping coffee in one of Nairobi’s cafés. You don’t need to set out on a safari to see wildlife. Just outside of Nairobi is Nairobi National Park, home to lions, cheetahs, buffaloes, giraffes and many other wildlife.

Mvuli Suites in Nairobi offer luxurious comfort for business travelers as well as tourists. Make the most of your stay with luxurious, modern lodging near great food, shopping and cultural sites.


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