Stage Lighting Basics

There is a lot that goes into making a successful stage show and for effects, there are few that are more important or influential than lighting. Here’s a quick rundown to give you a basic overview of the common lighting instruments that are used for stage lighting and commonly made by stage lighting manufacturers:

LED lights are among the most common because they can produce tons of amazing color combinations, and they can be can be used with just a simple button click. In addition, they do not get hot like other lighting options do.

Ellipsoidal Reflector Spotlight
ERS lights are great for effect lighting as they can be controlled to light with sharp of even softer edges and can be manipulated to create spot light effects in various shapes.

Par Cans
These are some of the most popular event lighting types. They are bright spot lighting fixtures that essentially are metal encased car headlights. They are very bright but also get very hot when use!

These are a soft diffused lighting choice that are typically used near the stage to work as light washes to create glowing effects.

These are the lights that most people think of when talking about stage lighting and are the narrowed beams of light that follow certain actors around on the stage during the performance.

Moving Lights
Fully programable, these lights offer a special effects department’s dream come true. They also offer color changing, automated sequencing, focus controls, special effects, and motorized shutters.

While these are not technically lights, they are still very important to stage lighting. Without haze, you the beams of light would not be seen, only the circular spot on the floor.

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