Speed Up Recovery through Personalized Massage Therapy

In some cases, one of the best, most effective types of therapy for injuries and chronic pain disorders is massage. Hawaii therapists are capable of using an assortment of massage styles to help alleviate pain. Additionally, professional massages may also reduce your chances of further injury to the afflicted site in the future. Whether you’re recovering from a back injury, degenerative joint condition, or sports injury, compassionate and dedicated professionals can lessen your discomfort.

Why Seek Treatment?

Regardless of the type of orthopedic injury or pain disorder you suffer from, consulting a certified rehabilitation practice such as Portner Orthopedic Rehabilitation can help speed up the recovery process. Whether you were injured in a no-fault car accident or you’re coping with arthritis, an experienced team of doctors and physical therapists will aid you in overcoming your pain and discomfort. Instead of trying to cope with your injury or condition on your own, allow a qualified medical professional to offer suggestions and workable treatment options.

Benefits of Massage Therapy

Massage therapy plays a crucial role in orthopedic treatment plans. Not only do massages promote relaxation, but they also rework and strengthen tissue, allowing patients to enjoy less pain and speedier healing. At a therapeutic rehabilitation practice, an experienced professional will customize an individual plan based on your need for muscle lengthening, tension reduction, and joint decompression. From sports, to trigger point, to Swedish massages, a trained therapist will be familiar with a wide variety of different techniques – ensuring each of your body’s needs is exceeded.

Patient-Focused Programs

When you visit a reputable therapeutic rehabilitation practice, you can feel confident that you’ll receive personalized treatment that’s focused on addressing your individual problem areas. Your therapist will administer different types of massages accordingly to the type of injury or condition you’re suffering from, as well as your pain levels. They’ll create a workable program with the help of other medical professionals involved in your treatment, such as your doctor and physical therapist. In many cases, multiple techniques need to be employed for the best results, and more than one session is often required to see positive effects.


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