Some Common Myths You May Hear About Auto Insurance in Illinois

If you don’t have Illinois vehicle auto insurance, you may get a citation from law enforcement. This doesn’t include the possibility of stiff fines and court appearance to explain why you were driving without insurance. However, many people risk driving without it or don’t understand the policy because of some common myths.

You Only Need Minimum Coverage

Each state sets its own minimum requirements, which commonly includes liability to cover other drivers. However, it probably isn’t going to be enough in most accidents, because of the high cost of medical care. The minimum bodily injury in Illinois is $25,000 for one person, and you could be liable for amounts over that.

Safety Features Lower Insurance Rates

It is true some providers give discounts for anti-theft devices on vehicles. However, If you won’t apply for Illinois vehicle auto insurance the same does not apply to the new safety technology on vehicles that help reduce accident risk. Vehicles with these features could cost more to repair, because of the computers and sensors.

All Traffic Tickets Increase Rates

Whether a traffic ticket increases your rates depends on your driving record and the type. Minor traffic tickets, such as for a “fix-it” ticket, won’t likely raise your rates. However, speeding tickets and DUIs will usually raise your rates, even on a first offense, and you commonly won’t notice the increase until policy renewal.

Red Vehicles Cost More to Insure

Studies show red vehicles get into crashes 7% more than other colors, because of lower visibility. However, the color of the vehicle still does not raise car insurance rates. The insurance provider considers the year, body type, engine size, make and model of the vehicle over color. Illinois vehicle auto insurance helps offset the cost of a vehicle accident.

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