Soil Erosion In Sydney: Why Worry

If you own property or own waterways/channels on the property, it’s your responsibility to prevent soil erosion in Sydney wherever possible. It’s likely to happen when you’ve got a concrete waterway that cuts through natural land. You may shore it up and try to keep vegetation in place to prevent issues, but it is still going to happen. The problem is that the soil can contaminate the water. As the soil erodes away, you’re going to notice problems along the channel’s cut, as well. It’s best to prevent erosion when possible, and you can find many ways to do this.

Soil erosion in Sydney is a serious concern to local plant and wildlife. It’s up to you to preserve the natural environment as much as possible, but you may not know the best way to do it. Whether you’re building something or have channels that move water for irrigation and other needs, you’re sure to worry about erosion. The goal is to control it in the best possible way without spending too much money. You can find many ‘solutions’ that aren’t cost-effective, but there is a better way.

Infrastructure Technologies Australia can help you deal with soil erosion in Sydney. Regardless of why it’s happening, you know you need to get it under control, and one of the products available from ITL can help. Aqualiner is a polymer-cementitious protective coating that’s bonded to geofabrics to act as a waterproof liner for concrete. However, it has a variety of purposes, one of them being erosion control. Civil engineers use it frequently to control erosion issues. Used as erosion matting, it allows you to roll the liner out over uneven terrain (including rocks) to create a barrier that’s highly durable and strong. It can last for years, but can also be taken down when/if you no longer require it.


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