Sleep Dentist

Some people are diligent about dentist’s appointments. These brave souls manage to see the dentist two times a year and therefore maintain their teeth in pristine condition.

For some of us, however, this just isn’t possible. Not only that, we’re made to feel just a little bit guilty about it too. However, the fact is that not all people are built the same. Some people may be able to benefit from seeing a sleep dentist.

Sedation dentistry is a relatively new thing, but there are all sorts of people whom it can benefit. If you’re any of the following kinds of people, you may be able to benefit from it.

Dentists Make You Anxious

For some of us, the dentist means a white room, sinister-looking instruments and possibly a lot of pain and pulling. Even though not all dental appointments will necessarily mean pain and pulling, just the thought of going to see a dentist can make you break into a cold sweat in anticipation.

If this describes you to some extent, you may want to consider going to a sleep dentist. Even if entering the clinic can make you anxious, the sedatives will help you relax in a pinch, ensuring that you’re in best form during the procedure.

You Have Low Pain Tolerance

A few lucky people can sit through a tooth extraction without shedding a tear. Others, however, can’t even get through a cleaning without experiencing at least some mild pain. Some people naturally have lower pain tolerance than others. Considering that dental procedures can be quite painful, those who haven’t been blessed with nerves of steel will definitely benefit from a sleep dentist. There is, after all, no shame in needing to take pain meds. Your teeth will thank you while you stay pain-free.

You Need a Lot Done

Finally, if you need several procedures done all at once and don’t have the time for multiple appointments, you definitely need to consider seeing a sleep dentist. With regular appointments, the dentist will oftentimes space procedures with concern for the amount of pain that you can take in all at once. Sedation dentistry now, however, makes it entirely possible for several procedures to be done in one sitting.

You may still need to consult your dentist on the number of procedures you can fit in to one appointment as some procedures require a space of time for healing. However, sedation dentistry does remain a solid choice for those of us who are busy bees. For more information on sleep dentistry, contact Cascades Dental today at (703) 444-5095. You can also connect with them on Facebook for futher news and updates.


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