Skilled Dentists Offer Crowns or Bridges Following Root Canal Treatment in Hyde Park

Teeth are essential to living a happy and healthy life. With a full set of teeth, a person can eat a wide variety of foods. Fresh fruits and vegetables are a necessary part of a healthy diet. People are also more likely to smile when they have strong, healthy teeth. Without them, it might not be possible to eat a lot of different foods and smiling might be embarrassing in some social situations. Regardless of the current condition of a person’s teeth, it might be possible to correct the problems and restore them to a state that allows a person to smile and eat whatever they want.

One procedure many people need after they’ve neglected their teeth for quite some time is root canal treatment in Hyde Park. A root canal can often save a tooth that has been affected by severe decay. By removing the infected pulp from inside the tooth and replacing it with another material, the tooth will be strong enough to bite and chew. Many dental professionals cover treated teeth with a crown or bridge to ensure the structure of the tooth is viable for many more years.

Crowns look, feel and function just like natural teeth. Unless someone knows another person has a crown on their tooth, they won’t be able to recognize it. An experienced dentist will match the color of the crown to the rest of the teeth so it looks as natural as possible. It’s important to remember that a crown cannot be whitened so if the color of the rest of the teeth is changed by a whitening procedure, the crown will stay the same.

Whether a patient needs root canal treatment in Hyde Park or some other procedure, the best place to start is South Loop Dental Specialists. This site offers a wealth of information that can help people who need a new dentist learn about the treatments that are available to them. It doesn’t matter whether their teeth are in need of a lot of work or if they’ve taken very good care of their teeth their entire lives. A great dentist could restore or maintain a beautiful smile. Visit South Loop Dental Specialists online for more information.


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