Signs Your Water Heater May be in Trouble

When you turn on the “hot” water tap you expect warm water for bathing or washing things in the home, but this is not always the case. It’s best to know ahead of time if your hot water system has problems so you can contact local water heater suppliers in Columbus OH for assistance. Here are some common signs to look for, which indicate your tank may be on its last legs.


Do you know how old your water heater is? If you are not sure, check to see if you can find a date code on the unit. Here is an example. Suppose you see something like “E00N6789FF”. The first letter usually denotes the month (in this case E is the fifth month or May). The next two letters represent the year and 00 means the year 2000.

Most people wait until their water heaters either quit or start leaking before thinking about water heater suppliers in Columbus OH. However, if you want to avoid future problems, consider replacing units that are at least ten years old. This gives you the chance to buy a more efficient unit and you can be assured of no trouble for many years to come.

Water Leaks

If there is water underneath the tank, check the plumbing fixtures. If they are not leaking, then the tank is probably cracked. The only fix for this problem is replacement.

Cloudy or Rusty Looking Water

If your hot water is very murky, it’s probably due to sediments and corrosion in the tank. When this happens, it means that you have a great deal of corrosion and it is just a matter of time until it causes trouble. It’s best to contact your local plumber or water heater suppliers in Columbus OH. They are there to help you locate the best unit for your needs.


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