Signs Your Child Needs Maths Tuition

Mathematical concepts are used in the world around us in virtually everything we do. Children often struggle with math in the early years of school and this can lead to a lifelong dislike of the subject. Unfortunately, without a good mathematics background and foundation, many of the advanced degrees and top jobs are no longer an option.

As a parent, it can be difficult to know when your child would benefit from maths tuition. Parents may have mixed feelings about hiring a tutor or using an online service if the child is very young. They may assume he or she is will grasp the concept when they are a bit older. However, schools are not designed to re-teach these concepts, which leaves gaps in most student’s foundational understanding of mathematical concepts. Each year and each grade these gaps become more pronounced and the student develops a dislike of the subject, further compounding the issue.

Early is Better

Parents may notice their child is struggling with math, doesn’t want to do math activities and homework, or becomes easily frustrated and anxious when presented with maths worksheets or activities.

These are often the very early signs of a math learning gap. By introducing maths tuition through an online program the child is less self-conscious, but also gets the individualized and personalized tutoring required to address the gaps and get the child up to grade level understanding.

Reports from the School

Teachers often report to parents that a child is struggling with mathematical concepts. An experienced teacher will have a very good understanding of the average understanding for that grade and may recommend that tutoring is provided to assist the child. Even a slight downturn in a grade on a report card should be a red flag that there is a problem.

Parents should be open and willing to listen to this information from the school without becoming defensive. By using an online software system, the teacher can also view information on the child’s progress through tutoring software, which will help the teacher in further supporting the child’s learning at the school.

Frustration for the Child

Sometimes, even before it is noticed by the school or reflected in grades, the child understands they are having difficulties. This often comes out in frustration when doing homework assignments, or in expressing dislike for maths to the parents.

Parents can then approach maths tuition as a proactive measure. The child will not see it as a punishment, but rather as a way to continue to excel in school and earn the grades they rightfully deserve.

With online maths tuition based on a personalized learning plan developed by our software program, your child will learn the foundational concepts which he or she may be lacking. To learn more about how funtoot will benefit your child, see us at


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