Signs that You Need Auto Air Conditioning Repair in Oahu

You may be able to spare yourself from frequent car check-ups and repairs if you can effectively diagnose the common air cooling problems. However, while you can handle the minor AC issues, you should leave the major troubleshooting and repairs to the professional technicians in Auto Air Conditioning Repair in Oahu. Below are some of the AC problems that you may encounter.

Insufficient cooling

This problem has several probable causes, which include:

     *     Low refrigerant level: Your AC will not normally run out of refrigerant, however, if this happens, ensure to inspect it thoroughly for probable leaks and breaks and then recharge your system.

     *     Faulty wiring or blown fuse: If the clutch doesn’t engage after powering your AC on, you could be having a blown fuse or faulty wiring. While replacing, the fuse will temporarily correct the problem, check for the cause of the problem that led to the blown fuse to avoid future issues.

     *     Faulty compressor: If the belt is squeaking, this could be indicative of a faulty compressor. Besides, in the event that the clutch is working properly but the compressor still fails to turn on, ensure to have the compressor replaced.

     *     Faulty magnetic clutch: A magnetic clutch that is not powering the compressor in spite of receiving an input voltage can be considered as being defective. It should be checked and replaced if necessary.

Leaking refrigerant

This is arguably the most prominent problem in auto AC Repairs. Leaks can be found in seals, hose connections and through the tiny pores of the hose. You will find that even a slight change in your refrigerant level will severely impact on your AC’s cooling performance.

Intermittent cooling

You can easily identify this problem if you have alternate blowing of cool and warm air. This is often caused by the presence of moisture and air in the system. Repairs for intermittent cooling are normally achieved by using a vacuum pump to purge the air and moisture from the AC system.

It is essential that you exercise care when diagnosing or repairing your auto AC problems. In the event that you are in doubt, you should always consult with a professional in Auto Air Conditioning Repair Oahu. Go to Website for detailed information on auto AC repair and maintenance.


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