Signs That You May Need Suspension Repair In Cicero

Shocks and struts are usually taken for granted by many. In some cases, people don’t even know what those are. However, they support the vehicle year after year, even when it doesn’t move. After a while, they can wear out and require suspension repair near Palos Hills. While you may think it best to wait a bit, you should have your mechanic check for wear and tear each time you are there for service. You may believe that shocks are just there to give you a smooth ride, so repairs aren’t as important. However, bad shocks/struts can change the control you have over the vehicle when turning or stopping, so you shouldn’t ignore these signs.

Rough Ride

If you seem to notice a rougher ride or that you can feel each bump in the road, it could be time to have it checked out by a professional. You may also notice that the car seems to bounce whenever you hit a bump.

Pulling/Drifting While Turning

Think back to a time when you made a left or right turn. Did the vehicle seem to pull in that direction or drift more than normal? If so, it could be a sign that suspension repair near Palos Hills is required. This feeling means that your shocks aren’t keeping the body of the vehicle stable against the force of a turn, which increases your risk of rolling the car.

Nose Dive When Stopping

When your shocks are too worn, you may feel that the car lurches forward as you apply the brakes. Most people incorrectly believe it is something wrong with the brakes themselves. However, it is a problem with the shocks or struts and could affect your vehicle’s ability to stop quickly.

Suspension repair near Palos Hills is essential to keep your car driving smoothly and ensures your safety. Visit Wilrae Inc. now to learn more or schedule an appointment for service.


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