Signs of a Problem with a Water Heater in Tacoma

A home’s Water Heater in Tacoma is one of the most expensive plumbing components present. The good news is that many issues with these systems are simple to figure out. There are even some that can be fixed without calling the plumber. However, getting to know the signs of a problem is the first step. Being informed ensures a homeowner knows when it is time to call for help.

Issues with the Water Temperature

If the water in your home is too hot, or it doesn’t get hot enough, then the problem typically lies with the thermostat. All that needs to happen is a simple adjustment. In most cases, setting this between 120 and 140 degrees is going to yield water that is the perfect temperature.

However, if there is not any hot water coming out of the Water Heater in Tacoma, then the issue may be with the unit’s heating elements. While these can be replaced by a homeowner, it is still a good idea to call the professionals. They can make sure this is the underlying issue present.

Louder than Normal Water Heater

If a homeowner notices that their water heater is beginning to make all types of horrible sounds, there is no need for them to panic. In many cases, this is just due to the sediment that builds up on the interior of the tank where the water is stored. As debris bumps into the unit’s heating element, it begins to bang, creak, whine and makes other unpleasant sounds. Usually, a simple flush of the tank will take care of the problem.

However, that is not the only reason a tank may make sounds. Another is because the heating element has burned out. If the reservoir has been flushed and the sediment is gone, but the noises remain, then replacing the unit’s heating element is typically required.

The good news is that most water heater issues are small and easy to manage. However, problems such as leaks and rust may indicate it is time to replace the unit. To determine this for sure, it is best to consult a plumber.


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