Signs It’s Time for Residential Fencing Repairs in Colorado Springs, CO

Residential fences serve a variety of valuable purposes. They keep pets in, and wildlife out. They stop young children from wandering off or running into the street. They increase curb appeal and property values. Privacy fences even prevent nosy neighbors from seeing what’s going on behind them. Any kind of fence can only serve its purpose if it is kept in a good state of repair, though. It’s not always obvious when Residential Fencing Repairs in Colorado Springs CO become necessary, so keep an eye out for warning signs and walk the perimeter periodically to ensure that everything is in good working order.

Wood Fences

Wood is a natural material, and even when it is treated, it is still susceptible to damage from water, insects, and plain old wear and tear. Water damage constitutes the majority of visible damage to both posts and slats of wooden fences, so keep an eye out for signs of warping and discoloration. These indicate that repairs will soon be needed. If any boards are missing, loose, or beginning to splinter, that’s also a sure sign that it’s time to call a contractor for repairs.

Metal Fences

Although metal is much less susceptible to the elements than wood, it does still become worn over time. The most common issue property owners have with their metal fences is warping. Metal fences can become warped due to shifting soil, natural disasters, or acute damages due to blunt force. They can also begin to degrade over time, so keep an eye out for early signs of rust.

Early Detection is the Best Protection

If a board or a section is missing from a fence, it can spell disaster for small pets left out to play in back yards, and for backyard gardens that need to remain free from pests. Unfortunately, the so-called broken window effect also makes homes that show signs of visible damage more likely targets for vandalism. That’s why it’s best to call for Residential Fencing Repairs in Colorado Springs CO as soon as any signs of damage begin to appear. Homeowners who aren’t quite sure who to call can contact Affordable Services Inc. for more information.

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