Siding Company in Wisconsin Offers Alternatives to Traditional Wood Siding

Wood siding on a home exterior is a great way to enhance curb appeal. It offers a warm and inviting appearance but taking care of wood is not always easy. However, what if you could have beautiful wood siding on your home exterior without many of the maintenance issues? This is possible with modern engineered wood siding products from your siding repair services serving McFarland and nearby Dickeyville WI. Here are some reasons to choose these siding options.

No Problems with Insects

Termites and other insects can wreak havoc with real wood siding. Over time, they can cause a lot of damage, and you may need to contact local siding companies like for new siding. However, this is not a problem with modern engineered wood. The manufacturing process uses real wood, resins, and ingredients like zinc boron, which protects the siding from termites.

No Wood Rot

One of the biggest enemies of natural wood is water. It soaks into the grain, and the wood eventually starts to rot. Engineered wood siding from siding companies in Madison WI (close to Dickeyville) contains special resins and waxes designed to resist moisture. This way, water cannot penetrate the finished product. This gives you the look of wood without problems associated with wood rot.


With siding, appearance is everything. When you choose some of the best-engineered siding products from local siding services, you can choose products which resemble natural cedar. It goes perfectly with stone or brick.


Your new siding lasts for a long time because it does not rot and resists insect attack. It is also tougher than products like vinyl and fiber cement, so hail damage is less likely. Your siding contractors can show you a wide range of selections, and they take care of the installation.


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