Shopping Used Cars in Cody WY – Avoiding the Scammers

by | Jun 15, 2017 | Automotive


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You can get some good deals on used cars in Cody WY. Many people turn to online and newspaper classified ads, and you’ll see a lot of cars for sale. However, did you know that some of these ads could be from con men who want to bilk you out thousands of dollars of your hard-earned money? Here are some helpful tips for avoiding these scammers and getting a good car.

Checking the Classifieds

When you shop for used cars in Cody WY, you’ll see some classified ads that are hard to believe. For example, someone may list a late model car that’s selling for $20,000 on the lots, for $12,000. When you call the seller, he may give you a legitimate sounding story, but when deals are just “too good” you need to exercise extreme caution and stepping away is almost always the best strategy.

When you look at classified vehicle ads, note the phone numbers. If you see several ads with identical phone numbers or contact information, something is wrong. This is a common ploy by people called ‘curbstoners,’ and they are unscrupulous sellers wanting to take advantage of you.
Curbstoners are con people who sell cars cheaply. They lie and say the vehicles are in good condition when they really have major problems like past flooding, or they have been reconstructed from total wrecks.

Parking Lots and Malls

You may notice cars in parking lots with “for sale” ads on them. This is also a common practice of curbstoners. When you see these cars, be careful.
Check Titles

Make sure the person selling the car is the legal owner. People selling used cars illegally in Cody WY commonly use “open titles.” This means the owner signed the title but didn’t fill out any other information. You can avoid all these problems when you use a reputable dealer.

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