Share Office Space – An Affordable Option For New Businesses

Every business, regardless of what sector it is in or how long it has been established for, will have a budget. Exceeding a budget can be problematic, because it can lead to financial loss and future issues that could potentially tarnish the company image. This is why so many business owners are considering shared office space. The ideal solution for growing companies, this affordable option is usually available for hours, days or even months. If you want to kick-start the networking process and reach new milestones, take the time to learn a little more about fully-serviced office space of this kind.

Things to Consider

In order to build morale with your employees, colleagues and customers, you need to address the situation in the right surroundings. How many people will be attending the conference or working in the office? If you expect quite a few people to attend, look for a space that is relatively large in size and that offers parking facilities. Shared office space can sometimes be limited to a meeting room but in many cases, businesses can take advantage of storage, restrooms, a reception and community area, too. Make sure the venue is located in a safe neighbourhood and check to see if shops and restaurants sit close-by.

All Inclusive Facilities

Unexpected fees can be avoided if you choose to lease office space with all inclusive facilities. Some facilities that would make life a whole lot easier for you and the people who attend the meeting include wireless Internet access, a portable data projector screen, spot lighting, large flat screens and AV equipment. The facility should also cater to disabled individuals, so be sure to book a visit before you spend money on shared office space.

Flexible Terms

Attending events and conferences is worthwhile for a lot of business owners, because it could assist with business growth, foster inspiration and help you to learn new strategies. While some meetings might only last a few hours, others will continue for days, or even weeks. Long-term rentals need not be expensive. Look for a space that is available with flexible terms and find out if the room can be tailored to suit your specific meeting. Planning the meeting during the holiday months? Contact the company you plan on renting off in advance, so that you can make sure it is available on the requested date(s).

Whether you require a virtual office or serviced office for your business, the team at Corporate House can assist. To make an enquiry about these services, call .


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