Several Reasons To Hire Residential Electrical Services In Louisville KY

Many people never think of calling an electrician until something major goes wrong, like a power outage or an electrical fire. But there are many ways that Residential Electrical Services Louisville KY can add value to your home and prevent electrical problems from occurring. The following are several reasons to hire an electrician instead of trying to do it yourself.

First of all, an electrician can help you save money on energy costs. With a home energy audit, a professional electrician will inspect your home from top to bottom, looking for ways to improve your energy efficiency. Often, the electrician can find areas where cold air is leaking in or suggest improvements in the house to keep it cooler in the summer. An electrician can also look for appliances that are running inefficiently, using more electricity than they need to. An electrician can suggest a variety of energy-saving upgrades that would not occur to the average homeowner, some of them quite inexpensive.

An electrician can also make changes that will increase the resale value of your home. A professional electrician can design – or redesign – a lighting system for the interior and exterior of your house that can add aesthetic appeal along with increasing your home’s security. A new lighting design may include additional task lighting, ceiling fans, strip lighting on stairs, dimmer switches, and overhead light/ceiling fan combinations.

One of the best things an electrician can do for your home is to make it safer. He or she can identify outdated wiring and upgrade it as necessary. Installing ground fault circuit interrupters in electrical outlets is the best way to upgrade from two-prong to three-prong outlets, as the plug-in adapters don’t necessarily make the connection grounded. An electrician can also tell you if your circuit breaker is out of date and in need of upgrade. Some older panels are known to overheat, a frequent cause of electrical fires.

Other reasons to hire a professional electrician include setting up wiring and data cabling for computer and home entertainment systems, installing fire alarms or security systems, remodeling, and finishing the basement or attic. For more information about Residential Electrical Services Louisville KY, contact Bates Electric Inc.


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