Service Options Provided by Residential Movers in Charlotte, NC

Moving takes a lot of planning; from cleaning to organizing to packing, executing a successful move is a large undertaking. Fortunately, moving companies offer a range of services to help ease the work that goes into relocation. When choosing between residential movers, Charlotte, NC homeowners have choices when it comes to the level of service they can receive from their moving companies.

Self-Service Moving
For people who prefer to take stock of their belongings, clean, disassemble, pack, and unpack their belongings themselves, many residential movers offer self-moving services. This level of service can vary depending on the company as well as you needs and price point. With self-service moving, the moving company can be responsible for as little as loading/unloading and driving the truck to as much as organizing, partial packing and unpacking, specialty crating and packaging for fragile or valuable belongings, and decluttering before the move. This level of service works well for people who have the time to devote to organizing their move themselves. However, a number of movers can also offer comprehensive moving packages that further reduce the workload of their customers.

Full-Service Moving
For people who are short on time or simply do not want to deal with the logistics of planning and executing a move, some residential movers are also well equipped to offer full-service moving packages. These moving services can take care of early every aspect of your relocation. Some of their offerings include, but are not limited to:

  • Asset management
  • Destination debris pick up
  • Home theater stand mount disassembly and setup
  • Move-out and move-in cleaning services
  • PC and network disassembly and setup
  • Storage

Many comprehensive moving packages offer additional protections to their customers, such as identity theft protection, valuation protection, and claim assistance.

Choosing the right residential movers and the service that best fits your needs can help make your transition to a new location smooth and reassuring. However, no matter what level of service you need for your residential move, choosing a well-established company with a solid reputation is imperative. Reputable companies have well-trained and fully vetted moving professionals movers and are preferably affiliated with van lines and, at the very least, the American Moving and Storage Association.


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