Self-Storage for Rent in Boise, ID: Range of Unit Sizes, RVs and Boats Too

It seems every homeowner or small-business owner needs additional room for storage, whether on a temporary basis or for the long-term. Fortunately, there are companies who specialize in this service, offering self-storage for rent in most communities. The decision to use rented storage space is relatively easy to make, but the difficulty sometimes lies in choosing a unit that is the right size for your possessions.

Smart Call

When you decide to put all those boxes, extra furniture, or inventory in storage, the process can go smoothly if you first visit the website of one of the top companies in your area to learn more about what they offer and to determine the cost of units of various sizes. You’ll find they can provide rather small spaces; for example, some units are slightly smaller than a one-car garage. This size is perfect for boxes, smaller items of furniture, and even some appliances.

You should be able to fit three or four pickup loads in a small unit providing 100 square feet of floor space. You probably won’t have to worry about room height, since the builders generally allow for 10 to 12 feet from the floor to the ceiling. If you need a slightly larger space, and you’re seeking self-storage for rent in Boise, ID, you can select a unit of 150 square feet. This will usually hold the contents of a small apartment, including furniture.

Big Units

When you need even more storage space in the Boise area, contact Republic Storage and ask about a 200 square foot space or go even larger with 432 square feet. This last unit will give you enough room for a house with four bedrooms. Before making your final decision on self-storage for rent, ask to see an empty unit. Of course, you can use the handy unit-sizing guide to get started.


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