Self-Retracting Lifeline Ensures Your Safety

It is safer to use a self-retracting lifeline in a shop. It minimizes the occurrence of accidents since it stops accidental falls. You should consider installing this accessory in your shop equipment to ensure the safety of your workers.

What is a Self-Retracting Lifeline?

This type of lifeline, or lanyard, is safe to use because it is anchored overhead and is able to retract or extend automatically. This property allows you to move the object connected to the hoist at normal speeds within a certain working area.

Your work will be safer, because there is always tension maintained on the lifeline. This minimizes trip falls, snapping and dragging. If a fall occurs, the speed-sensing brake of the unit will be immediately activated. This will stop the fall and reduce the forces exerted on the user to much safer levels.

Self-retracting lifeline are available in different styles, lengths and configurations. There are lifelines which are 6-feet. Some can reach a length of up to 175-feet. The total length you will need will depend on the type of work you are doing.

The Safe Use of an Automatic Lifeline

Some professionals who do their work high up also use lifelines. They use it as their fall arrest systems. As such these lifelines can save lives. However, they could also pose danger to people if not used properly.

Here are some safety tips on how to properly use self-retracting lifelines.

1. Install the lifeline overhead. They are designed to stop free falls within inches only therefore their most ideal installation point is above.
2. A lifeline should always be installed vertically, and not lying down. Installing it on its side will compromise its fall distance.
3. The unit should be leading edge certified. That means it could be used at the edges of roofs, decks, floors or any working or walking surface that moves or changes locations as more sections are added to the construction.

Although basically it is just like a seat belt in its operation, it is still important to learn how to properly use a self-retracting lifeline to avoid accidents.

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