Selecting Under Counter LED Lights For Any Room

Storage cabinets, kitchen cupboards, bathroom wall storage and cabinets or cupboards over counters and workstations in home offices are all ideal places for under counter LED lights.

Placing LED lights in these locations accomplish two different lighting options. First, they can be positioned just where they are needed, adding illumination over work areas where overhead lighting may not provide the level of light required.

Secondly, they are a great way to have light in the room without having to have the full overhead lights on and using electricity. The under counter LED lights are extremely low-cost to leave on, creating a warm and welcoming look in any room and also providing enough light for moving around safely as needed.

Small Spots of Light

With under counter LED lights, it is possible to position the small lights, sometimes called puck or button lights, in just the location where they are needed. This is ideal for already existing kitchen spaces as the lights can be focused to shine on food preparation areas or to highlight specific sections of the counter, often around the sink, stove and microwave areas.

These are also ideal for bathrooms or in home offices where there is a need for a flood of light in one specific area. Of course, they will also provide some general light, helping to provide visibility and safety in moving around in the area.

Larger Areas of Light

Linear types of lights provide a more robust light over a longer surface area. These can be used in kitchens as well as home offices or any other room of the home. While these do come in fluorescent light options, by choosing LED lighting it is possible to use less energy and have the bulbs last longer, further reducing the cost of use.

It is possible to combine different styles of lighting under the counter. Spot or button lights can be used for accent while the linear LED lights can be used directly over work surfaces.


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