Security Window – A Few Things To Know

Perhaps the first thing that we need to know about security windows is exactly what we understand that term to mean. This is often the trouble with “trade talk” or jargon; companies making and selling products know what they mean by the terminology they choose to use; but, the public at large might place a very different meaning on those words.

We all know what a window is and we also know that they come in an extremely wide variety of shapes and sizes. Just about all of them are used to fill a hole in a wall so that, even if you can’t see clearly through it; light can pass through. Most windows can be opened and/or closed; but, some are designed and constructed to be permanently closed.


Collateral against a loan is called security but I doubt if a lender would accept a window as security. The security services are used to counteract espionage and terrorism; but they do not use windows very often.

However, the roots of the word are associated with safety; keeping out of danger and a general feeling of well-being. Hence, we use the term “security blanket” for a baby and infant’s comforter.

Can A Window Keep Us Secure?

Think about shop or bank type premises where the clerk sits behind a glass window that stretches from counter top to the ceiling and speaks to you through a grill. Money can be passed in or out through a rotating tray set in the counter below the glass window. Here we are getting close to a security window; but, can it be used in a domestic context relating to our own homes?

Home Security

It would be a strange home if it did not have any windows in it – predominately in the walls separating the inside from the outside. Some of these windows can be as large as doors and most of them are of a size that a human being could pass or squeeze through. This might be fine if we have locked ourselves out without a key; but, it’s not very secure if the person trying to gain entry through a window is uninvited and probably has criminal intent.

This is why we should have good locks on all our windows and consider the use of toughened or reinforced glass. Another tip is to upgrade the security features of your window screens so that they become a barrier to both insects and humans alike.

Central Glass and Aluminium of 16a Hibiscus Haven Miami, QLD 4220 are authorised suppliers and installers for Crimsafe security window screens. These screens are made from extremely tough stainless steel wire that is totally secured into a frame that can be mounted around the window. They function like a normal screen but are virtually impossible for anyone to remove or break through quickly and quietly which makes any window truly secure against intruders.


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