Securing a Child Abuse Attorney in Your Corner

One of the saddest events that ever enter a courtroom system is when it concerns the abuse of a child. Children are defenseless and subject to being bullied by adult members of the community, even their parents. Child abuse is a horrible crime and should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. However, there are times when the accused is actually not guilty and is simply a victim of circumstantial evidence. If you have been accused of child abuse and are in need of representation, there is a Child abuse attorney in Boston, Massachusetts who can help.

There seems to be an atmosphere of paranoia so that one cannot easily distinguish when punishment of a child is true a discipline and when it crosses that threshold over to abuse. Some situations are obvious, for example, breaking a child’s arm, burn marks on the child, or sexual molestation. Other situations are not quite as obvious, as everyone seems to be so quick to be suspicious and judge a situation as child abuse. It would take an experienced lawyer to sort through the details to prove his or her client’s innocence.

In the Commonwealth of Massachusetts many situations can lead to being charged with child abuse. Child abuse is defined as any intentional act that is committed against a child (under the age of 18) that causes physical or emotional injury. The charge could be considered the Shaken Baby syndrome. It could be a charge of institutional abuse. The abuse could also come from neglect, in which the caregiver fails to properly care for the child. In any case, if you are not guilty, you will need a lawyer who can defend you fiercely.

The Law Offices of Burton J. Hass have been providing legal representation and services for residents in the Maiden, Massachusetts area for over three decades. The law firm has been practicing in the areas of automobile accidents, personal injury and now has added child abuse representation. If you have been accused and charged with child abuse or neglect and need a Child abuse attorney, contact the offices.


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