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The incision cut through the skin during surgery is called a surgical wound. Surgical wounds vary in size. Closing the wound quickly and safely is made more efficient when the surgeon can self-dispense and self-secure needles with the use of the barrier kit.

Hazards in Closing Surgical Wounds

Surgeons who are stuck by suture needles during closing not only endanger themselves and assistants, but they also endanger the patient. Challenges accompanying suturing include:

  • Being stuck with a contaminated needle
  • Dropping needles
  • Turn-around time for the operating room
  • Continuity of the procedure

Successfully addressing each of these challenges means allowing:

  • The surgeon to self-dispense needles
  • The surgeon to self-secure needles
  • The surgeon not to pass contaminated sutures
  • The surgeon to not depend on any assistance

The Barrier Kit

The surgeon becomes autonomous when it is time to close a surgical wound by use of a simple barrier kit composed of the following:

  • A forearm barrier sleeve that is puncture resistant, lightweight, and comfortable
  • Mounts on the sleeve allow attaching suture scissors. needle drivers, or other tools needed by the surgeon
  • Hook and loop attachment for easy access of the suture needles during closing
  • Unnecessarily having to look away from the surgical site by the surgeon

The kit creates a safer and quicker method for surgeons to perform closings and improve workflow.

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