Save on Gas with the TDI Diesel Passat

Gas prices tend to fluctuate like night and day. Sometimes gas prices are reasonable while other times they are through the roof. Without knowing what gas prices will be day to day and the economy being what it is, many people are looking for vehicles that get good gas mileage. The TDI diesel Passat is exactly that. Being labeled as the “hypermiler” of current automobiles, it is definitely worth checking out. Do you want to stop pouring gas into a vehicle that is not good on gas? Do you want to learn more about the TDI Passat’s gas mileage? Keep reading.

Why the TDI Passat is Being Labeled as the “Hypermiler”

The TDI Passat is being called the “hypermiler” for good reason. It has set a new Guinness World Record for fuel economy. This is a huge deal for both Volkswagen and the consumers looking for a new vehicle that gets good gas mileage. So, how did it achieve this world record? The midsized sedan completed an 8,122-mile round trip going cross-country in the continental United States over the course of 17 days and only used 104.94 gallons of gas. What that means is the sedan averaged 77.99 miles per gallon. That is unheard of today in vehicles.

No More Need to Cut Corners with the TDI Passat

Many car owners are always cutting corners to try to save on their gas consumption in their vehicles. Gas can get expensive for everyday drivers. Getting stuck in traffic during rush hour uses up gas. Sitting parked waiting on someone uses up gas. Blasting the heat in the cold winter months uses up gas. With all the ways gas can get used up quickly, people try to find ways to save on gas like doing all the errands in order on one day of the week. With the amazing gas mileage of the TDI diesel Passat, it won’t hurt to have to run out to the store a few extra times each week.

Everyone wants a car that gets good gas mileage. The TDI Passat is what every car owner has been looking for as far as gas mileage is concerned. Using just over 100 gallons for an 8,000 mile trip is amazing. There will be no more excuses on why you can’t make it to work until payday. Gas won’t be an issue. While the vehicle itself is a little more expensive, the gas mileage makes up for that in the long run. You will no longer be paying a ton of money when gas prices are up.

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