Sales Skills Training and Your Opening Statement

by | Jan 30, 2018 | Business


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Being a salesperson is not as easy of a job as some might think. That’s because people often have a negative view of salespeople in general, even before their opening pitch. This comes mostly from the fact that many salespeople come off as pushy, and goal-driven, lacking proper ethics, both business and personal. So how does one step up, and become a salesperson that rises above the stigma?

Your Opening Statement

Whether it’s from reading articles, books, or in-person sales skills training, you’ll learn that your opening statement is everything. Whether you are selling on the phone or in person, your opening statement is the first thing people hear from you. Not only that, it is the foundation of the rest of your conversation with that person.

What salespeople say or don’t say in the first few seconds of a conversation can make people open up and be inviting or it can immediately send up their sales defenses. Your opening statement is what you need to work on in order to set up the rest of the conversation and have a successful sale.

Things Your Opening Should Include

Your opening statement should follow a very specific structure. It should have the introduction which is who you are and why you are talking to this person. It should also have a benefit that you have been able to create for other customers you’ve worked with.

For example, ‘Hi my name is Bob, and I’m with ABC company. We’ve helped businesses like yours save up to 20% on materials by using our service. The reason for my call is that I think I can do the same for you.”

Things Not to Put In Your Opening

You’ll notice the statement above does not promise anything, it does not talk about ABC company and its services (like how great they are), and it offers a potential benefit. Remember that all you are trying to do with your opening statement is take down their defenses and get them interested in what you have to say.

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