Safer Swimming Pools with Ozone Pool Systems

One of the most modern techniques used to disinfect swimming pools is copper-silver ionization. This is known to offer many benefits over chlorination and does a very good job in killing bacteria, algae and viruses. However, it is not the most effective system. If these swimming pool ionizers are supplemented with ozone pool systems, then the disinfection is the most efficient and quick. But how exactly do ozone pool systems provide such potency? Let’s start from the basics.

What is Ozone?

Ozone is one of the most potent disinfectants known to man. It is found in Earth’s atmosphere, shielding the surface of the earth from the harmful rays of the sun that cause skin cancer. Ozone is approximately 55 times more potent than chlorine and reacts almost 3000 times faster. This results in water treatment that is quick, efficient and trustworthy.

How does Ozone Form in Pool Systems?

Oxygen molecules are bombarded with Ultraviolet rays using a lamp included in the system. This results in the breaking of the oxygen molecule into two individual oxygen atoms. When these individual oxygen atoms interact with other oxygen molecules, ozone is formed.

The Power of Ozone Pool Systems

Once the ozone molecules have been formed, they readily interact with substances such as viruses, algae, urine, bacteria, sweat, body oils, suntan oils and fungi. Once this chemical interaction takes place, the ozone loses one oxygen atom, and an oxygen molecule is formed as the byproduct. This byproduct is safe and harmless. The oxidized substances, on the other hand, clump together, which greatly enhances the probability of them being captured by the filter. Therefore, the system’s capability to fight off unwanted and harmful substances is greatly increased.

Several Benefits

The many benefits of supplementing swimming pool ionizers with ozone pool systems include:

  • Crystal Clear Water: The water in the swimming pool becomes much clearer than before because of enhanced capabilities of the system to destroy waste particles.
  • No Side Effects: The chemical reactions involved produce no by-product apart from oxygen molecules. Oxygen, of course, is completely harmless. Therefore, the system makes swimming safe for all.
  • Further Chlorine Reduction: While swimming pool ionizers greatly reduce the amount of chlorine in the pool, these ozone systems help in reducing the chlorine content even further. This ensures better health and safety standards.

Flexible Solutions

The reputable companies that design and sell ozone pool systems have an array of products meant to address various swimming pool needs. The size of the swimming pool is just one of the many factors used to design comprehensive ozone systems. Also, all models come with reasonable warranty periods, so that the buyer can buy with confidence.


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