Reviewing Work Conditions With Employment Law Attorneys in Northampton, MA

In Massachusetts, all employers must adhere to safe working conditions. They are required to follow the guidelines identified by OSHA. This includes conditions that could lead to employee injuries or development of occupational diseases. Employment law attorneys in Northampton, MA help employees after an injury due to unsafe working conditions.

Evaluating Waste Management

All companies are required to manage waste products as outlined by the EPA. This includes maintaining clean workspaces to reduce the potential for employee injuries. They must follow guidelines for waste management based on the size of their building and waste accumulations.

Chemical waste must be managed according to federal laws. The employer must follow guidelines that keep their workers safe. This includes enforcing policies in which the workers must follow when handling these substances. The enforcement of these policies also protects visitors or customers who enter the building by preventing unnecessary injuries.

Building Inspections and Safety

Building inspectors working with OSHA and other workplace safety agencies require an inspection of commercial buildings. These inspections identify conditions that could contribute to occupational illnesses. The conditions include the presence of asbestos.

If these building materials are present, they could flake apart and enter the ventilation systems. This increases the odds of inhalation of these toxic materials. Workers may develop mesothelioma due to these conditions. The owner must take measures to eliminate these materials and prevent disease development in their workers.

Inspecting Equipment and Machinery Annually

Under employment safety laws, company owners must follow guidelines for inspecting equipment. An inspector who is certified by the equipment manufacturer is required for these purposes. This reduces the probability of employee-based injuries. The company owner cannot allow any employees to use this machinery without an annual inspection. The inspector must certify that the equipment operates properly.

Under employment laws, business owners must maintain safe working conditions for their employees. OSHA governs the guidelines for safe working conditions. However, if the company manages chemical waste, they must also follow policies enforced by the EPA. Workers that face dangerous working conditions should contact employment law attorneys in Northampton, MA through Connor, Morneau & Olin for more information.

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