Reviewing Penalties For Drug Possession Attorneys

In Kansas, criminal defendants who are charged with the possession of any controlled substance face serious penalties. These penalties could be based on a felony charge according to local laws. These charges are based on the quantity and type of drug in which the defendant has in their possession. Drug Possession Attorneys build a defense for these defendants.

What are the Penalties for Possession of Marijuana?

The possession of marijuana is still illegal in Kansas. Defendants who have any amount that is under a pound face a misdemeanor charge. The potential jail sentence for marijuana possession of Kansas is no more than one year in county lockup. The fines for the offense won’t exceed $2,500.

However, any defendant that is facing a second conviction could be charged with a felony. Any felony marijuana possession charge could present a minimum of ten months in prison. The maximum is up to three and a half years in prison with a fine that won’t exceed $100,000.

What Penalties Could They Face with Other Controlled Substances?

The possession of more serious controlled substances is classified as a felony. This includes the possession of meth, heroin, and cocaine. The penalty for these offenses start at a three and a half year prison sentence. The fines for these offenses could reach $100,000.

What Factors can Affect the Drug Charge?

Defendants found in possession of large quantities of these controlled substances could face trafficing or distribution charges. The location in which the defendant is arrested could also play a role. Any defendant who is selling or found in possession of controlled substances nearby a school or playground could face more severe charges. These charges are based on any attempts or the successful sale of controlled substances to minors.

In Kansas, criminal defendants are charged with a drug offense based on the quantity and type of drug they have. Any possession of marijuana charge that is less than one pound is classified as a misdemeanor. Any possession of over one pound of marijuana or any quantity of serious controlled substances is a felony. Defendants who are facing these charges and need Drug Possession Attorneys contact Addair Thurston Chtd. right now.


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