Reviewing Fraudulent Circumstances With Medicaid Fraud Attorneys In Rockland County, NY

In New York, an individual is guilty of Medicaid fraud if they don’t present all facts to this agency. When completing an application for the government health care program, the applicant is required by law to present vital details that could affect their eligibility. Medicaid Fraud Attorneys Rockland County NY fight for those who are accused of this crime.

Apply for Benefits for a Child That Doesn’t Live With You

Parents who have custody of a minor child and have a low income may apply for Medicaid. The state of New York identifies the parent’s right to file the application based on the custody arrangements. The household in which the child lives primarily determines their eligibility for the program. If the parent who visits with the child on weekends only cannot acquire Medicaid benefits for them. Equally, if this parent acquires coverage through their child’s eligibility, they are guilty of fraud.

Presenting Misleading Information About Income

The applicant must provide accurate information about their income. Under the guidelines for the program, the applicant must provide information about all income sources. This includes any dividends they receive from stocks, child support, and alimony. If the applicant acquires benefits and didn’t disclose all income sources, they could face fraud charges. However, if the additional income relates to a stepparent, the applicant cannot be charges. The income of stepparents doesn’t apply to Medicaid coverage.

Using Medicaid Benefits of Another Individual

Any individual that uses Medicaid benefits that belong to another person that have committed fraud. The individual covered under the plan is the only person that can use these medical benefits. If they allow another individual to use their coverage to acquire medical services, they could be charged with fraud and lose their insurance for the rest of their lives.

In New York, Medicaid fraud is a growing problem. Under new health care laws, the government program has been expanded to include more income levels. However, to prove eligibility, all applicants must provide all information required truthfully and without presenting misleading information. Any one who is facing fraud charges must hire a Medicaid Fraud Attorneys Rockland County NY by contacting Mark Aberasturi today.


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