Retaining a Lawyer in Chicago After Getting Seriously Injured at Work

When you first accepted your job, you never anticipated getting hurt while working. However, after the unthinkable has happened, you need to be ready to respond to the situation to protect your best interests.

Rather than go through the worker’s compensation process by yourself, you can get the legal advice and help that you need by hiring a Chicago injury attorney. You will know what action to take and what rights you are entitled to under the state’s law.

Filing a Claim

The first action that your Chicago injury attorney will take involves filing a claim against your employer’s workers comp insurance. This insurance is in place to pay for your immediate expenses including your doctor’s bills and any prescription medication that you have to take. It also will compensate you for any time that you miss while you heal from your injury.

The state’s law requires that you file this action within a certain time frame, however. In most cases, you have between 72 and 96 hours to file a claim if you want to be compensated for your resulting expenses.

Filing a Lawsuit

If your employer challenges your claim or accuses you of causing your own injury or accident, you could be faced with filing a lawsuit against your company. The lawsuit will put the case before a judge or jury who will then decide who is the wronged party in the situation.

The lawsuit can take months or years to settle and can require legal finesse that you as a lay person do not possess. Your lawyer can also request that the company settle out of court to spare you the expense and distress of a trial.

You can find out more about hiring a Chicago injury lawyer online. Contact The Law Offices of Dworkin and Maciariello.


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