Resolve Child Custody Woes with an Arlington Heights Child Custody Attorney

Attempting to resolve on one’s own any matter that comes under the purview of family law, without the help of a legally sound mind, may only exacerbate the problem. In fact, people who are in the midst of a family law dispute and are unable to resolve the issue draw out the process if they do not seek sound legal advice.

Not Seeking Legal Advice Makes Things Harder on Everyone

This can end up creating an emotional headache for everyone involved. This becomes very painful when it involves a child and may even cause irreparable psychological damage. In these situations, it is wise to consult an Arlington Heights child custody attorney when you live in the area.

A child may be born to parents who are not married and neither live together. In this case, or when a couple with children decide to dissolve their marriage, the issue of who will get custody of the child or children arises. To resolve this issue, Illinois’ courts turn to the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act and seek to find a custody situation in which “the best interests” of the child or children are protected. Here is where expert legal advice  is needed.

Arlington Heights’ Children can be Protected

The laws of the state of Illinois  have been created to protect the wellbeing of every child in the state. When you hire an Arlington Heights child custody attorney they will work on your behalf to convince the court that you are the parent that will best benefit the children. They will work with you to provide documentation and other proof that hopes to sway the judge hearing your case to rule in your favor.

An Attorney You Can Trust

The law offices of Jenet G. Pequeno, LLC provides Arlington Heights with the kind of honest and compassionate representation they have come to trust over the years. They will look at your situation and create agreements that everyone can agree to, and if not, will also take these matters to trial if required.

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