Residential Window Contractors in St Paul Install Replacements After a Windstorm

Like tree service technicians, residential window contractors in St Paul may experience a spike in business after a severe windstorm hits the area. The wind can break branches and send them flying into windows, leaving a mess for homeowners. If someone is home and the storm is not dangerous, the best strategy is to quickly cover the open area with cardboard, wood or plastic to stop rain or debris from blowing in. Before even taking this step, an adult should make sure kids and pets don’t have access to the room until any glass on the floor is cleaned up.

After resolving the immediate problem, contacting the home insurance agency may be a suitable second step unless the homeowners don’t want to get the insurer involved. Depending on the cost of glass replacement by Residential Window Contractors in St Paul, it may be preferable to pay for the new window out of pocket than to risk having insurance premiums go up. If the homeowners decide they want an upgrade or a change in design, the insurer likely will not pay for any extra cost above and beyond the basic glass replacement.

The glass replacement should be done as soon as possible, but the residents may want to take a day or so and think about whether they do want a different type of window. Much of this decision will involve considering where the broken one is located. In a bedroom with a few standard sash windows, simply having the glass replaced may be the best option. On the other hand, if the windows are old and drafty, replacing all the windows in that room may be advisable if it’s an affordable project.

Broken flat windows in a living room, dining room or kitchen might be able to be replaced with larger ones or those that provide more space and natural light. For instance, flat panels of glass might be replaced with a bow window for a curved effect and a ledge. The ledge can be used as seating space for a person or a companion animal, or as a shelf for plants. Visit Builders & Remodelers Inc for extensive details on replacement windows.


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