Residential Projects That Call for the Expertise of an Electrician in Indianapolis

When the time comes to make any changes to the electrical system at home, the smartest thing the owner can do is call a professional electrician in Indianapolis. Doing so will ensure the work is done properly the first time and will meet any local standards and regulations that may apply. Here are a few examples of common household projects that require this type of expertise.

Adding Outlets to the Home Exterior

The homeowner recently acquired a generator for use when the main power source is out. The generator will need to be plugged into the system in order to supply the current. At present, there is not an outlet on the outside of the home that is capable of carrying the current safely. An electrician in Indianapolis can determine the best way to tap into the existing wiring, identify the right gauge for the task, and even select a plug with the right features. When the job is done, the homeowner will know that the generator can be connected to the home when the need arises, and the wiring will not be overloaded or damaged in any way.

Adding Another Room

The decision is made to add another room to the back of the house. While a contractor will deal with most of the issues surrounding the construction, an electrician is needed to ensure that the wiring is up to local codes and standards. The professional will know how to run the wiring so that there are enough outlets, switches, and lines for overhead lighting in the space. Knowing how to connect the wiring in the new room to the rest of the system is also important. When the job is done, the homeowner can rest assured that everything in the space will work properly and safely.

Updating Older Plugs

The outlets in the home have seen better days. A professional can come in and update each one so that they provide a secure fit for anything that needs to be plugged in. That helps to eliminate the need for running extension cords or using other methods to meet the needs of the homeowner.

For anyone who could use some help with projects around the house, call the team at Burtner Electric. After evaluating the situation, it will be easy to provide a quote and get the job done.


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