Residential Landscape Design in Monterey: Be Proud of Your Home

Many people feel they can design and install a complete landscape project on their own because they believe this only involves making a few quick sketches, putting a few plants in the ground, and lining the area with stone. While this may work well for some individuals and some properties, the truth is that you would be wise to talk with someone who has experience in the field before starting.

Talk to the Professional

No doubt, a few individuals are quite handy in this area. They may have what they consider a “green thumb.” But even they would be well-served by taking some time to talk with a designer or a specialist in residential landscape design to better understand what is involved in a sizeable project. If the plan involves hundreds or even thousands of dollars, it is probably too complex for the do-it-yourself gardener to tackle alone.

Even if you insist on doing much of the physical work on your own, you may want to have someone who understands residential landscape design in Monterey there to help with the initial plan. It might serve you well to have someone assist with such items as lighting, stones/hardscape, and any earthwork or grading that must be done.

A Solid Plan

Suppose, for example, you have made some sketches and purchased some plants and other materials and then start to put things on the ground. As you get a bit further into the job, you find that there are a few things missing. If you had a master plan in place, one put together by someone experienced in residential landscape design, you would know very quickly what was missing items.

Contact a reliable company that hires only the most qualified employees. They will visit with you, inspect your property, and make recommendations based on decades of experience. Ask them to give you a good estimate of the cost and the amount of time it will take to move the project from idea to completion. That initial consultation will be time well spent.

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