Residential Irrigation Services in Brick, NJ Keep Water Where It Belongs

Homeowners decide to hire Residential Irrigation Services in Brick NJ, when watering the lawn and landscape plants finally becomes too much. Too many things can go wrong when property owners try to keep the grass lush and green with portable rotating or oscillating sprinklers. For instance, it’s easy to forget that the sprinklers are turned on. The sound of water running becomes part of the background noise and starts to be ignored. Someone engrossed in a TV show may wind up leaving those sprinklers going much longer than necessary. That’s a waste of water and leads to a spike in the utility bill. In addition, oversaturation of flowers and other landscape plants generally isn’t good for them.

In contrast, when household residents leave for an extended weekend or longer, the grass doesn’t get watered at all. If this happens during a dry spell, the lawn can quickly dry up and turn brown. Some people are lucky enough to know a friend, neighbor, or relative who will do some watering while they are out of town, but that’s not as convenient as having Residential Irrigation Services in Brick NJ.

Homeowners may not be able to run the sprinklers at the optimum time of day, which is early in the morning before the sun starts to bake the grass. People typically are very busy early in the day getting ready for work and school. They’re likely to water the lawn in the late afternoon, but that’s not the most advantageous time because the sun is still beating down on the lawn.

Another problem with setting up portable sprinklers is having trouble directing water precisely where it should go. The sprinklers often send water over city sidewalks and down driveways, against fences and garages, and even out into the street. That’s a complete waste of resources and also can gradually do damage to wood structures. Technicians from a company such as Jersey Shore Lawn & Sprinkler place the irrigation system sprinkler heads in specific locations, so the water only goes where it’s supposed to. Contact us for further details on having a residential system installed.


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