When a vehicle gets dented, there are a few methods used to have it removed from the body. Some owners feel they can take it upon themselves to remove a dent from a vehicle, but the results may be less than satisfying. If it is handled improperly, the metal being worked on can dent in additional locations. Because of this risk, it is best to bring a dented vehicle to a service dealing with Auto Body Newport News VA. This will ensure the dent is taken care of in a professional manner, giving the vehicle a polished look with no trace of damage.

Auto body workers will determine which method would work best in removing the dent from the vehicle. For smaller dents, temperature control of the area can be used to pop the metal back into its original positioning. This is done by heating the area, so the metal becomes pliable and then quickly adding cooler temperatures to cause the metal to bounce back into place. Doing this task is risky for someone not used to the process. Reheating and re-cooling metal too many times can cause it to become weakened, possibly leaving it with more damage than it had to begin with. A professional would be able to administer this process right the first time.

If temperature control is not going to do the job, the area can bill filled in with an auto body filling agent. When this is mixed with a hardener and applied over the dented area, it will adhere to the metal, filling in the void in the process. When it hardens and dries, it can be sanded down to a smooth surface. Afterwards new paint is applied, and the area will appear as if it never had a dent to begin with. This process is a bit tricky for someone without auto body experience. If the filler is applied incorrectly, the end product may be noticeable.

If someone has questions about the dent filling process, they can find out more information from someone working at an auto body in Newport News VA facility. Bruce’s Super Body Shops or a similar auto body shop will be able to help the customer make an appointment for an assessment to determine the right action to take.

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