Refresh Your Appearance with Foiled Hair Highlights in Fairfield, CT

Regardless of your age, you will benefit if you take advantage of foiled highlighting. You can either select from natural-looking highlighting or go for a stronger or more dramatic look. Therefore, when you use foils, you can vary the impact. Highlights can either feature a root shadow or begin at the scalp. It just depends on your preferences.

Highlight Your Hair Using Foils

So, if you have been considering hair highlights in Fairfield, CT, you might want to try foils. If you choose this particular technique, anticipate visiting your salon every six weeks for a touch-up. If you want to preserve the appearance and shine of the highlights, only select color-safe shampoos, and conditioning products.

The Difference between Lowlights and Highlights

Clients may choose between hair lowlights and hair highlights or select both types of techniques to add interest to the look of their hair. While lowlights entail darkening hair strands, highlights are represented by hues that lighten the natural hair color.

How the Highlights Are Applied

In order to achieve hair highlights, a stylist employs a paste that typically contains peroxide and a bleaching agent. It is then applied to the hair using either foils or a special brush. If foils are used, the stylist uses foil strips to separate the treated hair strands from the other strands of hair.

A Half-Head or Full Head of Highlights

Unlike permanent hair color, you can elect to have either a half-head or full head of highlights. Therefore, some clients choose to have the top part of the hair highlighted and left the hair beneath the highlights natural. You can also have your strands highlighted so that only a small part of the root section is re-dyed for maintenance purposes.

Highlights enable women to show off a sun-kissed look that illuminates their face and skin tone. To optimize the effect, have any highlighting done before the summertime to avoid alterations in color. You can gain more information about this process and other color-enhancing hair solutions by dropping in at the Ryan John Salon or visiting the salon’s platform online.


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