Reduce Heat Loss With A Fireplace Insert

There is nothing quite as comforting in the dead of winter than a blazing fireplace. As nice as they are; traditional wood burning fireplaces have a serious fault and that is heat loss.

As a fire needs a source of oxygen to burn, by design an open fireplace is extremely inefficient as it pulls warm are out of the room, into the fire and straight up the chimney. A traditional open fireplace is often less than 15 percent efficient, more energy is exhausted than created.

A fireplace insert is the solution:

A fireplace insert in Chicago increases the efficiency of a fire dramatically. A typical insert is fabricated steel or cast iron box with an insulated glass front, the “box” is a fully enclosed combustion chamber. Radiant heat from the steel or cast iron enclosure is what actually heats the space, some designs incorporate a blower in the system; the blower pushes hot air into the room through vents located above the insert. A well designed and installed fireplace insert is far more efficient than a traditional wood burning fireplace.

Less time, less trouble:

If you have a wood burning fireplace you are faced with gathering the fuel. Although most homeowners purchase pre-cut wood, they still are faced with stacking it and bringing it from the outside. When you get the wood to the fireplace you are still faced with building a fire which means paper and bone dry kindling. When the night is over and you get up in the morning you are faced with cleaning the ash out of the hearth.

A fireplace insert in Chicago eliminates all this work; as they are fueled by gas or electricity all it takes to begin warming the room is a simple flick of a switch; no muss, no fuss.

If you love the ambiance of an open fire in your home but you also want the heat to stay in the room and no go up the chimney then you should consider installing a fireplace insert in Chicago. The largest selection in Chicgoland is available at Northwest Metalcraftin Arlington Heights, IL. Visit them online at website.


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