Reasons Why Dental Implants In Sydney Could Be The Best Choice

Many adults are missing a permanent tooth, whether due to accident, injury, trauma or neglect. They aren’t alone, as almost 70 percent of adults over 40 years of age have one or more missing teeth. However, partials, dentures, and bridges may not be suitable options for a variety of reasons. Instead of leaving the gaps, dental implants in Sydney will restore your smile and give you back a full set of teeth.

What They Are

Primarily, dental implants in Sydney use a surgical titanium root to be placed in the jawbone. Once it has healed, the replacement tooth is put on top, with a crown that resembles the rest of your teeth. Companies like Hills Dental Care can do the entire process for you, ensuring that you have a beautiful smile once more. Likewise, they can be sturdier than other options because the implant fuses to the jawbone like a natural tooth root.


You may notice that you speak better and your words don’t sound mushy. When dentures are used, the person is likely to try and hold them in with their cheeks, which can make their speech sound different. Likewise, the sucking-in of the cheeks can make you look a lot older than you truly are. If you choose nothing and leave the gaps, your appearance can also suffer.

No Messy Glues

The problem with dentures is that most people require adhesive to keep them in place. However, these are messy to use and can cause you to gag, especially if you use too much. With tooth implants in Sydney, you don’t have to worry about using adhesive because they are surgically inserted into the bone. They will never come out, and the crown will look normal.


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