Reasons To Work With Fresno, CA, Tommy Liftgate Dealers

Freight hauling, last mile delivery, and even customer delivers are all labor-intensive operations, particularly when the end destination does not have a dock area for easy unloading. For paletted loads, large items, or even large quantities of small items. Installing a liftgate in a delivery truck makes delivery faster, easier, and safer for all involved.

Choose the Best Products

There are several different companies that make liftgates, but for trucks of all sizes in the Fresno, CA, area, working with Tommy Liftgate dealers offers a top selection of all different sizes and options.

The more experienced Tommy Liftgate dealers in the Fresno, CA area, can also provide fast installation, adding any necessary customization to the liftgate or the truck that is required for installation. This company is recognized for the options in liftgates the offer for smaller pickup trucks through to cargo or cube vans and even full-sized semi trucks and heavy-duty box trucks.

Talking to these Tommy Liftgate dealers will give you a clear picture of the installation process, as well as the total cost for the equipment and the installation. These hydraulic liftgates are easy to operate, and they offer several safety features that add to their value.

Why Add a Liftgate?

Freight companies and delivery services add liftgates to trucks to comply with regulations as to the weight of objects that employees can be required to lift or move. By installing liftgates, lifting injuries, even with lighter loads, can be eliminated and reduce liability while boosting safety.

Less Product Damage

A well-designed liftgate allows boxed or individual items to be moved from the truck to the liftgate, then lowered to the floor. The item is then rolled or moved off of the lip of the gate, eliminating any risk of dropping or damage.

The cost of adding liftgates to vehicles can be quickly offset in the value they provide, which makes them a good investment for your fleet.


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