Reasons to Undergo Oral Surgery in Fort Collins CO

When it is necessary to extract a tooth for one reason or another, it can usually be done with a dental crown extractor. When this is not possible, oral surgery in Fort Collins CO should be considered. A tooth extraction is performed via oral surgery where the tooth is under the gum or bone.

The most common case of oral surgery is the extraction of a wisdom tooth. The impossibility of drilling the tooth can be due to the lack of space or the abnormal location of the tooth. In both cases, oral surgery must be considered. It is also common for wisdom teeth to break through the gums partially. This means that a part of the crown is outside of the gum, but the other part is still covered. This becomes painful for the patient, thus the reason for this intervention.

If the wisdom tooth is not removed in time, the surrounding area can become inflamed and painful. It is for this reason that people sometimes have pain when their wisdom teeth are coming in. This is not a natural process, which means it is necessary to resort to oral surgery. A wisdom tooth can also pose a problem if it causes a clutter in the dental arch. This is in because the other teeth move out of their normal spaces. This serious issue must be taken into account before any Oral Surgery in Fort Collins CO is performed and, if the cause of the congestion is a lack of space, it is necessary to extract the wisdom tooth.

If one does not take into account this clutter, ignoring the issue will later cause aesthetic problems and possibly inflammation of the gums as well. It is also important to take into account that there is a chance of decay if the dental arch is congested because of the wisdom teeth. The procedures performed in the field of oral surgery are done with a local anesthesia, so the treatment does not cause pain. The first step of oral surgery, after local anesthesia, is the incision and then the extraction of the bone surrounding the tooth after the extraction of the tooth itself. Contact us for more details.


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