Reasons to Retain a Social Security Disability Attorney in Oakland, CA

When you are too ill or injured to work outside your home, you have to find a way to bring in an income with which to support yourself. You cannot rely on the charity of your family members and friends for your upkeep.

Your best option can involve applying for benefits from the federal government. You can pursue them by hiring counsel like a Social Security Disability attorney in Oakland, CA, to file your case for you.

Including the Right Details

To win your case, you need to ensure the judge assigned to it can fully understand the scope of your illness or injury. You need to go into detail about what symptoms you experience on a daily basis and how those symptoms prevent you from working outside your home.

When you have a lawyer on retainer, you can get the legal help you need not only by filing the right paperwork but also by explaining at length what illness or injury you suffer. Your lawyer can make sure the judge appreciates your daily limitations and the reasons why you cannot go out and earn an income for yourself.

Your lawyer can also file appeals if your initial case gets denied. You can pursue the case until you get the outcome you need to receive payments. You can find out more about retaining a Social Security disability attorney in Oakland, CA, online. Contact the Patrick J. Kelly Law Office.

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